War Stories

War Stories is a veteran-owned documentary film company focused on telling the stories of America’s veterans, historic places and events.


The primary mission of War Stories is to produce short documentaries about little known people and events in history. We seek out topics and the experts to bring our viewers the most detailed, exciting and accurate account possible.

We offer to record the stories of individual veterans to add them to the Library of Congress and for their family. Too many of our war veterans stay silent about their service. We aim to change that by providing our services to them for no charge.

Who We Are

The team at War Stories is all retired combat veterans. We have professional historians, writers and filmmakers on the team. We do this for the love of history and our country. We feel that by preserving our nation’s history, we can continue to serve.


Have Camera, Will Travel

We mostly do not-for-profit work, documenting veteran’s stories and interesting subjects of military history.

War Stories takes on paying clients to help us continue our work.  We offer fast, professional video and audio productions for a variety of clients at an affordable rate. Please contact us if you have a need for professional video work, we would love to talk with you about it.



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