Chasing Military History

Chasing Military History is a series of documentaries by a team of military veterans who visit battlefields, historical sites, and museums in search of overlooked and forgotten war stories. The team looks for important, but little known subjects, and highlights them to preserve their fascinating and important stories. Experts join the team to provide new viewpoints and interpretations that revive the stories, add to our understanding of military history, and even possibly alter our historical perspectives. The more than 60 years combined military service of the production crew helps to lend insight and perspectives that only soldiers have.

War Stories makes no profit from these films; they are done by the team for their love of military history. We have a long list of topics we are eager to start. Below is a link to the first finished film – “Five of Hearts” – a French-built tank operated by American soldiers in France during World War I. Watch and learn about the tank and its crew who fought in the bloodiest battle of American history.